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Nan Truitt, PhD. Clinical Psychologist

Adult and Geriatric Services

Adults from 18 years of age through late life may experience a variety of cognitive difficulties from acquired brain injuries such as motor vehical accidents, strokes, tumors, Alzheimer's Disease, or alcohol and drug abuse. Many adults realize in adulthood that they have always been cognitively challenged growing up and now those challenges are interfering in work or college. Neuropsychological testing can be of great assistance before or after certain surgeries, as well. Whatever the reason for testing, Dr. Truitt can provide a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation based on your referral question. The neuropsychological evaluation will provide you and your other medical or mental health providers with the tools they need to assist with vocational reahabiliation services, therapy, medication management, or work or school related needs.

Neuropsychological testing can assist with:

  • Psychiatric conditions with a high index of risk or organic involvement (i.e., chronic alcoholism, shcizophreneia)
  • Memory, attention, or language problems
  • Identification and description of cognitive abilities on preparation for neuropsuryg, including post-surgical testing
  • Acquired brain injury (i.e., stroke, traumatic brain injury, central nervous system infection, toxic encephalopathy, brain tumor, or hypoxia)
  • Medical conditions affecting central nervous system function (i.e., cardiovascular, renal, liver, respiratory disorders, and Lyme disease)
  • Degenerative disease (i.e., Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis).